The Privilege of Prayer

      “The strength… of individuals, is not found in the opportunities or facilities that appear to make them invincible; it is not found in their boasted greatness. It is measured by the fidelity with which they fulfill God’s purpose.”  ~  Ed 175.2  ~

We’ve been having ten days of prayer. Today is day 10. Even though I grew up in the church, I’ve never attended a prayer meeting before! I’ve attended Bible studies, seminars, and evangelistic programs but never a prayer meeting.

About six weeks ago we had some member of the Vietnamese Underground Seventh Day Adventist Church come to Wat Preah Yesu during the holidays to do some Bible training. I was greatly impressed by their love for God, their zeal to witness and their passion for prayer. I was ashamed at how little I prayed compared to them and I put their zeal, passion and love for God down to their communion time with Him. I wanted to be faithful like them. I wanted to have a relationship with God like I saw they had.
I had already been trying to build up my private devotional time. I had already experienced what happens when my private devotional time was neglected and I was beginning to understand that I NEED time with God to have His STRENGTH otherwise I cannot overcome sin and self nor serve Him fully.

Observing the Underground Church members I was convicted that I also needed to learn to pray… To really pray and commune with God. So I began to try to pray more often and longer. God woke me up early each morning to talk to Him. I was so afraid that I would be so tired during the day that I wouldn’t be able to be an effective teacher but I really wanted to spend the time with God, and praise God, He has given me the strength each day to teach and do all the other tasks that I have. I feel tired sometimes, but not exhausted like I often felt last year… Yet I am getting less sleep!

Then the 10 days of prayer began and I determined that I would go to the prayer meetings. God worked it out that the times for the prayer meetings was when I had a free moment most days. I have missed a couple. But I have been so blessed by praying with the other staff and students who have attended. I have felt God’s Spirit with us like I’ve never felt it before. I have learned so much about prayer and worship. I have seen myself more clearly than ever before, and I feel more keenly the need for a closer walk with Christ.
I read in Steps to Christ page 98, “Whenever it is possible, let us be where people are praying. If we really want a close walk with God, we will go to prayer meeting. We will be eager to receive spiritual blessings. We will place ourselves where we can receive the rays of light from heaven.”
I encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ to pray together. To hold prayer meetings or 10 days of prayer. It is our privilege to pray to God. Let us not neglect this most important duty!

This 10 days that we are having now is actually the 4th 10 days of prayer that we have held this year. And I can testify that when God’s people pray, He hears and He works. Since we began our prayer meetings God has moved on peoples hearts. He has opened doors for witnessing and His transforming power has been working in our lives. Differences have been put aside. Love has replaced jealousy and separation.

Since I began trying to pray God has worked in my life even when I didn’t realize it was His doing. One example was my beloved horse, Ace. I felt impressed that it was time to sort out what I was going to do with my horse who was still at my family’s place in Australia. They have been faithfully taking care of him for the past 2 and a half years. I didn’t want to have him being a burden on them. So I casually put him up for sale not really thinking that he would sell… at least not very quickly given the horse market is not the best at the moment. Well within one week I had received many queries about him and he had gone to someone for a two week trial period. The trial period ended and they kept him. Ace has the best home that I could have wanted for him, and I thank God for providing them for him. But I didn’t realize just how much God had provided until 2 weeks later when my family suddenly moved house to a place where they can’t have horses. God had provided in such a way that I wasn’t suddenly presented with the fact that I’d have to rehome Ace. He knew that if selling Ace was my idea that I’d have so much more peace about it than if I’d felt forced to do it! This is just one example of a “God Thing” that has happened in my life recently.
I know God wants to do “God Things” in all His children’s lives. I pray that we will all let Him work in ways that haven’t been seen before. He wants to pour out His Holy Spirit on us in latter rain measure. Let us pray for that so that the work may finish and we can all go home.ACEYBABYMay you all be abundantly blessed this Sabbath Day.

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