Things I Have Learned From Teaching and Being Dorm Girl Dean

  1. Silence from the students while your teaching is not always a good sign.
  2. How little I really know about anything!
  3. My students are often smarter than me
  4. The value of revision! Teach and review and review and review…. and review again!
  5. I’ve learnt so much about English Grammar and it’s rules… and then how English breaks nearly every one of those grammar rules… try explaining that to that one student in your class who always asks “WHY?”
  6. ALWAYS speak SLOWLY and CLEARLY and write anything important down where they can see it.
  7. Don’t let the marking and grading build up!
  8. Food always tastes better when it is shared.
  9. Only make threats/punishments/consequences that you can follow through with.
  10. To not jump to conclusions – especially when a second language is involved. Too often I responded to what I thought was happening and then discovered that it wasn’t like that at all!
  11. The value of saying “sorry” –  not only to enable me to have a good relationship with my students, but to set an example in a culture where those in higher positions are not expected or required to apologize to anyone “lower” than them.
  12. I appreciate more my former teachers and parents… and I’m SO VERY sorry for being a know-it-all, stubborn, pain-in-the-backside student and daughter that I was.
  13. The value and joy of having like-minded companions and co-teachers.
  14. Smile always.
  15. Pray without ceasing!
  16. Blessings are to be given away and that I can never out-give God. The more I give of myself to God in the tasks He has given, the more He blesses and provides.
  17. That God will inspire me to teach a certain topic to my class… because He has a lesson He wants to teach to ME!
  18. That if a student KNOWS you care about them as an individual, then they will care and try to learn.
  19. God is very, very GOOD! There is no way that I could do this without His help.


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