Baskets, Frog-leap, and a Typhoon

The afternoon is sunny. There is no sign of the expected rain from the super typhoon Haiyan that has wrought so much death and terrible destruction in the Philippines, and at the moment is said to be headed towards Vietnam.

My girls have surprised Laura and I by showing us their basket making skills. Srey Tem comes from a family that makes part of their income from basket making. Last Thursday we had pulled up a lot of long grass from in front of the dorm as it was rather unsightly. It has partially dried over the weekend and today the girls collected it all and Srey Tem has been teaching them to make baskets ever since work-line ended this morning. I think they have even gone and pulled up more grass – a bonus for the front of the dorm. Here are some pictures of their baskets

Srey Tem and her wonderful basket.

Srey Tem and her wonderful basket.

Sokreah and her basket

Sokreah and her basket

A smaller basket made for Laura by Sokreah

Sokreah gave her basket to Laura as a gift

Some of the younger girls are playing a version of leap frog that I’ve never seen before, but it looks like fun. It involves four girls holding each other around the waist and bending over and then as many more girls as can fit leaping on top of those girls. The game ends when they all fall over in a giggling pile

Leap Frog

Leaping Girls!

Game over, start again!

Game over, start again!

Wendy and Caleb stopped by. They were talking with Wendy’s parents on skype and were giving them a tour of the dorm gardens. I had opportunity to talk with them. It was good to meet them again after so many years.

The gardens are doing well. Tim and the students have embarked on a large-scale vegetable planting. I’ll have to try and get a picture of it. There’s tomatoes, and many kinds of cabbage so far. I think he’ll try for corn, eggplant and some sweet potato varieties that Laura’s dad is sending. There is also sugar cane and cassava already growing along with dragon fruit, coconuts, papaya and a herb section.

I was reading on the news about the typhoon and how many communities it had fully destroyed. Then, sadly, I read this;

“Aquino said on Saturday night it appeared some communities had not heeded the warnings.

“I hesitate to say this, but it seems that Tacloban was not that prepared, shall we say, compared with other areas,” he told reporters in Manila.” ~ MSN News ~

I was reading the book “They Had A World To Win” by Adriel D. Chilson, which is about the founding members of my Seventh Day Adventist Church. They all lived through the time period of The Great Disappointment. William Miller and many other Advent preachers were preaching a message of warning; “Get ready, because the time of judgment has come.” They believed that this meant that Jesus would return in 1844. Many people heeded the warning and came into a true relationship with Christ that withstood the disappointment.

Today there is the same warning – Jesus is going to return soon. And this time we who wait will not be disappointed. This warning is for those all – Christians and non-Christians. But I want to focus on Christians – or more precisely, me. Christ is soon to return. Are we ready? Are our banners clear? Are we doing the work that we have been called to do? Or will we be caught unprepared like those in the Tacloban area when the typhoon hit? Let us heed the warning and set our sights on Christ and home. Let us remember the bigger picture, our higher calling, and the purpose of our lives – To give glory to God.

Let us come into close relationship with Christ. A relationship so close that it will stand the dangers and hardships of these last days. So that we can stand before Christ on the sea of glass and hear Him say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

“For yet a little while, and he that shall come will come, and will not tarry.” ~ Hebrews 10:37 ~

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