Sabbath Afternoon

It has been my desire this year to teach my girls more about Sabbath and the keeping thereof. At the beginning of the school year I had been convicted that the way I was spending my Sabbaths was not in complete harmony with how Jesus would have me spend my time on His holy day. And then, after school began again, I was convicted that the girls needed an example of what the Sabbath is all about and how to keep it holy. Sabbath is God’s day, and should be used to glorify Him. After some thought and prayer I was impressed that we should do something for the children outside of Wat Preah Yesu. Of course, I had no idea what I could do – maybe some kind of children’s program….? I talked it over with Tim and he was very encouraging. He said he was happy for us to be doing village outreach and gave me plenty of ideas.

So I continued thinking and planning and praying about it, and then school began and I was rather busy. Then rainy season began and it was rather wet. And I still wasn’t sure how to put it all together or how the girls would respond to it.

Well last week, Paul Marlow and his friends arrived. They will be here for six weeks helping out before going on to Thailand for another six weeks to help out there. Beth, one of the women who came with Paul, was discussing children’s programs with me and when she heard of what I’d wanted to do, she greatly encouraged and motivated me to get it all organized. So this past Sabbath (7th Dec) we held our first children’s program in the village at the home of one of our church members.

My girls did everything! The program consisted of songs, a story (Creation), a memory verse, balloons and a colouring-in picture. They had a lot of fun and are keen to do it again this coming Sabbath. I was so proud of them. They were nervous, but they did their best. 26 out of my 28 girls were there, and most of them had something to do, the rest helped show the village children what to do. We had at least 45 village children along with some of their parents attend, which was way more than I expected for our first time. We had actually made a flyer up which we had gone and handed out in the village on Friday afternoon. We hadn’t met very many children while out and many of those we did meet ran away at the sight of so many people coming towards them. Some of the children who attended also attend CAS-K school here, but many who came do not.

I am very thankful to Beth, Judy, Katherine, Jive, and Laura for helping and joining us. I’m thankful that my girls enjoyed it so much. I’m thankful that the children who came enjoyed it, and I’m thankful that we have the opportunity to do it again. Please keep us and all the children in your prayers. I pray that my girls will be blessed as they serve and come to know Jesus more and that the village children will be introduced to the loving Savior, Jesus.

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