A Mountain

We recently welcomed two new volunteers to our ranks – husband and wife team, Dustin and Caitlin. They are lovely and now that we are getting more volunteers, we are excited to see the new ways in which we can begin to reach out to the villages around us. There are two more volunteers coming in the next few weeks, and we are looking forward to meeting them too.

Yesterday most of my co-volunteers and I took an Sabbath afternoon trip to a nearby mountain hill. It’s quite steep, but not very high. There were, according to Laura, 610 steps. We enjoyed beautiful views, mountain fruit with chili, and a small look at the fallen down temple. We closed Sabbath at the top before heading down as the sky began to darken.

For worship, we discussed how important prayer was for Jesus when He was here on earth. He was sinless, and perfect, yet He deeply felt a need for time with God the Father to be able to surrender His will to that of His Father’s. And if He, perfect as He was, placed this importance on prayer, how much more should we, who are weak and sinful follow His example.

The temples are a little bit fascinating for me. Not because of how grand they were. Not because of their architecture. Not even because they are historical wonders. No. Every time I see one of these fallen down, ruined, jungle-reclaimed temples, I am brought to remember that the castles and grand things we build on this earth or in our own lives that is for ourselves, or our glory, will one day fall down, and be replaced or forgotten. Great and powerful nations have arisen and fallen; styles come and go. There is only One who is eternal and that is God. The only things that will stand the test of time is that which we do for the glory of God alone. One day this sin-filled world will be destroyed and remade. What will remain will be the characters that we have allowed God to develop in us, and the precious people whom were won to Christ by our witness for Him.

May God use me to help build His eternal kingdom!

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