Pray About Everything!

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” ~ Proverbs 4:23 ~

We’ve had a big change in the grade 11 and 12 timetables this week. Basically it’s all been turned up-side-down: they now have their vocational studies in the morning and their normal classes in the afternoon. It seems to be working well.

Grade 11 Studio Class

Grade 11 Studio Class

A new volunteer from LIGHT came. His name is Wawie and he is in charge of the agriculture program. He’s only been here a few weeks, but he has already done a lot of work in the gardens – nearly every space is fully planted in the dorm gardens, and new areas are being prepared for planting elsewhere on the property.

Teav, Savorn, and Chhorvy returned safe and sound from the Philippines where they had been attending the LIGHT program for the past seven or so months. It was very good to see them again. A whole truckload of us went to the airport to welcome them home. They have now departed to go and visit their families for a month before they settle down to work. Ely, from Australia arrived the day after Teav, Savorn, and Chhorvy. She arrived here about 9AM and was promptly sent into her class to teach! She’s been a trooper through it all and we are very blessed to have her here.


Teav, Savorn, Chhorvy, Khone – photo from fb

Khone, one of our previous graduates, headed off to Philippines to study first at LIGHT, and then at PAFCOE. We know that she will learn a lot and be equipped to be an effective witness here in Cambodia.  In sadder news, Sarah will be leaving us to go to Thailand to help out the Sharon family at their school up near the Burmese border where they work with the Karen tribes. This was a hard decision made after much prayer and counsel. We will miss her very much, but know that she will be a blessing there and pray that one day she can return to continue her work in Cambodia if that is God’s will.

I’ve been reading up on and studying the topics of justification and sanctification and all that entails, and I was pointed to some wonderful articles written by Dennis Priebe. They are Bible based, very well written, and easy to understand. They’ve helped me to understand these topics and the very foundation and reason for my faith. I recommend them for anyone wishing to have a deeper walk with Christ – click here to go to the website.

In staff worship the other morning we discussed how often we talk about wanting to take the Gospel to the whole world so that Jesus can return and all our suffering and toil will be over; but that there is another reason. That reason is so that God’s suffering will also be over. When we hurt, cry, or sin –  God suffers too, and not just for us, but for every single person. This I knew, but it was good to be reminded of it. Imagine your suffering times 7 billion! I’m glad God is big enough to take it, but I am so sorry that I cause Him pain.

Please keep all of us, especially the volunteers, in your prayers. Satan is trying every way he can to make of no effect the witness for Christ we are trying to give to the students here.

I’ll sign off with an important thought from Les from prayer meeting last night as we discussed Philippians chapter 4:

“Don’t worry about anything! Pray about everything!

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