Prayer and Praise

 “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” ~ Matthew 6:21 ~

Exams begin on Wednesday this week, and go through till Friday, then on Monday, the new school term begins. Half-way through this year already! It seems to have gone so quick, although the weeks often seem to drag.

Yan, Khen and Laihun - Gr 12 - photo from fb

Yan, Khen and Laihun – Gr 12 – photo from fb

Many things have been happening, such as birthdays (Francis’ and Emily’s), wasp-stings, exam revision, and wedding plannings. Gemma and Hym’s wedding is next Sunday, and Jive and Pisei will tie the knot two weeks after that. We are all eagerly helping them prepare for their big days. Pray for them as they begin a new chapter in their lives.

Francis' Birthday

Francis’ Birthday

On Sabbath afternoons, a group of us volunteers, along with Teacher Wendy, and some of the students, go to the nearby village to visit with a couple of the patients that Wendy and the evangelism class have been treating. Wendy and some of the others do the treatment, while the rest of us help as needed and also sing. One of them is a man who has had a terrible, large abscess on his upper thigh for the past ten years. Wendy began treating him a while ago, and Donna and Francis joined in, bringing with them some more ideas on how to promote it’s healing. The wound is showing much improvement. It still has a way to go, and the current hot humid weather is not helping it much. We hope and pray that not only will his leg heal, but that he and his family will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Currently, when he feels able, the man comes along to church. He has been having a few Bible studies and also watching the Bridges to Life series that was recently completed by our studio. He wants his family to come along to church too, but his two children attend a government school, which includes Saturday studies, and his wife is the sole bread-winner of the family and has no wish to lose her new job. Please join us in praying for the physical and spiritual healing of this family, and that it may be a witness to their extended family and neighbours.

Village Evangelism - Bible study - Photo from FB

Village Evangelism – Bible study – Photo from FB

One of our former students, Tob, currently lives in Germany with her husband. She has been studying the German language for a time and it is nearly time for her exam. Unfortunately her exam is on Sabbath, and as she did not want to break the Sabbath, she opted to take a different exam which was not held on Sabbath. The only catch is that this exam is for a higher language class than hers. If she fails, she will have to pay to repeat the class and continue the language studies (which I believe is part of what she needs to do to become a German citizen). It would be very expensive for them. She was rather distressed by this, but believes that honouring God is the right thing to do and that He will honour her, and see her through this dilemma. Please keep Tob and Nico in your prayers. Pray that God will give her wisdom and diligence in her studies, and that He will help her pass her exam, that He may be glorified in her life to those around her.



Some of the girls that Laura and I care for come from very poor families. They often do not have some of the most basic necessities for school, such as pens, books, or uniform. So when Laura and I have funds, we try to provide these for them. A blessing I received today at the market was this. I was buying some school skirts for some of my girls who need them. I have my favourite seller that I like to buy from, so as I was buying from her, once again, she starts talking to me about why I am buying these for the students. Her mother was also there, they run the stall together. She began to thank me for helping the children, and then she pulled out three school shirts that hadn’t sold due to tiny little colour spots on them, and gave them, free of charge, to me for the students. I was very surprised that she would do that. I then went to another stall to buy toothbrushes for my girls, and the young ladies who run that stall unexpectedly promised to give to my students, their old school uniforms from when they studied. I am very blessed. My students are blessed. God always provides and sometimes from very unexpected sources.

“Bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in Mine house, and prove Me now herewith, saith the LORD of hosts, if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it” ~ Malachi 3:10 ~

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