Prayer Requests

I beg leave to bring before you some prayer requests that are especially pressing at this time.  Before I mention them, I want to praise God for His continued providence, His patience, His leading, guiding and teaching of each one of us here.

I want to praise Him for Dustin and Caitlin, a couple from America who have come to volunteer for a year. Dustin is a pastor and his spiritual influence on the students and us in the short time he has been here has been a real blessing. Caitlin is kind, dedicated, and hard-working and has been a great blessing too. In fact, all the volunteer staff are a blessing to me and the students.

I also want to thank God for Gemma and Hym, who were married nearly two weeks ago. God has led them to this point and it is their desire to serve Him here in Kompong Thom, Cambodia once they return from PAFCOE training in the Philippines. It is a blessing to see two people join their lives for the purpose of serving and glorifying God.

I also thank Him for each of you who lift us up in prayer. I thank Him for the privilege of prayer and that prayer brings us up to God. May God continue to bless and guide each of us into a deeper relationship with Him.

  1. 1.      Khen’s Mother – sick, maybe with liver cancer brought on by possible Hepatitis C . She has been rejected by the hospitals here and her family won’t let us treat her yet, and are trying traditional Khmer healer (a witch doctor) first for three days in which we are not allowed to do anything, and Khen is not even allowed to touch her mother (the witch doctor said that Khen is the one causing her mother’s sickness).
  • Pray that the witch doctor’s ceremonies will have no effect on her
  • Pray that she will maintain her belief in God and His power
  • Pray for her family, that they will trust our medical staff to help her
  • Pray for Khen, that she can have peace, and wisdom in this situation.
  • Pray for our medical staff and students who will treat her, may they have wisdom to know what to do to promote physical and most importantly, spiritual healing.
  1. 2.      Vong – Hym’s brother-in-law – Was cursed by a neighbor and now suffers from demon possession/control. Whenever he hears the name of God he suffers violent shaking fits. Also, the spirits control where he goes and what he does – for example he was going somewhere on the motorbike, and the spirits did not want him to go there, so they caused the motorbike to stop working, it would only work when he turned around to go back. People like this are considered “Holy Men” by the Khmer, and much honor is paid to them. But recently he has expressed a desire to be free from their control.
  • Pray that he will have faith in God to set him free, and that God does set him free
  • Pray for his wife and children, that they will understand and come to know God too
  • Pray for Vong’s Buddhist family and family-in-law, that they will not hinder his desire to be free from the spirits control
  • Pray for Gemma and Hym and Gemma’s parents as they continue to minister to Vong and Hym’s family to teach them about the God of heaven who has all power.
  1. 3.      Ming Bo – Sok’s mum – She suffers from a number of internal problems including very bad ulcers and bladder/urinary tract infections. She is a Christian and wants to attend church, but her husband has left the church.
  • Pray for her healing – physical and spiritual
  • Pray for spiritual healing for her family
  • Pray for her son Sok, as he takes care of her and continues his studies
  1. 4.      Nget – A village man who has had a massive ulcer wound on his leg for the past 10 years. Wendy began treating him about a year ago. The wound is healing slowly, the recent hot, humid weather has slowed things down a bit. He attends church every week when physically able to, but his wife and children do not – she works, and they are in school.
  • Pray for his physical healing and that he will continue to grow in his relationship with God
  • Pray for his wife, that she too may come to know and trust in God and join her husband in worship
  1. 5.      Gr 11 & 12 and their upcoming evangelistic program (May 2014)
  • Pray that they feel the need to prepare spiritually for this task, and make an effort to deepen their relationship with Him.
  • Pray that the people they go to witness to will have hearts softened and opened by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the volunteers and staff who are teaching the students and who will also be attending the evangelistic program.
  1. 6.      I’d like to ask for special prayer for our current Grade Eights. There are some special challenges with this class, especially for me teaching them. Please pray that the teachers may have wisdom, patience, guidance and love for this class, and for the students that their hearts may be opened to God’s love and grace.

Finally, please pray that in all these situations that God’s will be done so that He is glorified, and for each of the volunteers here, that the love of God will shine through each of us as a mighty witness for Him.

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