Tani School

One project I forgot to mention in my previous post was the Tani School project.

Tani is a village about an hours drive from Siem Reap City. Recently TIm was asked to start a school there. It took a bit of planning, but this month, the school opened. As yet there is no school building, they are meeting in a house, but hopefully, as God provides, it will be built soon.

Nimol and his wife Yan, graduates of last years grade 12 class, accepted the call to go and teach there. At the beginning of September they moved to Tani, and held a registration day. As far as I am aware they have 13 students. The goal is to have them teaching grades 1 -3 and also doing outreach among the village people, eventually expanding in the future..

It was a big step of faith for them to leave. There was no guarantee of students, and it is far from their family and friends, but we praise God for their willingness to serve Him.

Please keep Nimol, Yan, and their students in your prayers. We hope this school will be a light to the Tani community and many people will come to a saving relationship with God by their example.

Nimol and Yan on their wedding day

Nimol and Yan on their wedding day

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