A Blessed Week

I’m very grateful for this Sabbath. It has been a very busy week. Last Monday, Ely came down with an extremely high fever, and was out of action for the rest of the week. We believe she had dengue fever. So Emily, Caleb and I covered her classes for her, and I took care of her at home here at the dorm – thank God for papaya leaf juice…. it’s as unappealing as it sounds, but helped Ely a lot. Ely is doing a lot better now, and attended church this morning.

Tim and Wendy are still in Australia, we miss them and at times really wish they were back here already, but God has been with us still, and is blessing Caleb and Shannon as they take charge here. I think it has been a faith-growing experience for all of us.

We were blessed in that Thursday was a holiday. We’d been planning a special event with our girls, but have had to postpone that until some other time. Thursday night, three new student volunteers from America (who previously had been serving in China) arrived. We thank God that He has sent us more teachers to help share the workload. Two of the girls will stay until the end of the year, and the third girl will stay until March, and I’m sure that God will then supply us with our next lot of teachers… (anyone interested in a life-changing experience???)

Actually, Ely was supposed to preach this Sabbath. On Wednesday I remembered and knew there was no way possible that she would be up to it. I mentioned it to Emily and then set out to find a replacement speaker. I had no idea who to ask, and forgot about it, until my Grade 10 Bible class, when as my students began walking in the door I remembered and started asking them one by one if they would like to preach this Sabbath. I honestly wasn’t expecting them to say yes, and true to form, each replied with an emphatic, “NO!”

Part way through the song service one of the students, Nak, said that he didn’t want to take the sermon, but he might have a topic… but it was such short notice and he was very afraid. He spent the rest of the singing time looking at his topic, but decided that he couldn’t do it. I thanked him anyway for even considering and went on with the class. Then, just as I asked them to stand for the closing prayer, Khin, one of the quiet studious boys who comes from the surrounding villages, asked me if I needed to find someone to preach. I replied that I did and jokingly asked him if he wanted to preach. “Baht (yes)” he replied quietly. It was so unexpected I had to ask him again to check that what I’d heard was in fact what he’d said. Well it was so. He preached today, and he did a wonderful job. I pray that his willingness and the message touched the hearts of the other students. I hadn’t expected to find a speaker from among my students, but I’m so glad that Khin let God use him in this way.

Khin does not come from an Adventist or even Christian family. His family is all Buddhist, and he and his younger brother have faced opposition from them to their wanting to be Christian and changing their lifestyle. Khin has, in his own quiet way continued to let God lead him and teach him and give him the courage to stand for what he believes in. As far as I am aware, his family is more accepting of his beliefs today.

Khin (back row far right) with his classmates and Teacher Ely last school year

Khin (back row far right) with his classmates and Teacher Ely last school year

This Sabbath I would like to praise God for being God whom we can always trust; for being so high above us; for knowing and seeing all. For giving us the strength to serve Him; for allowing only to happen to us that which will grow us up into Christ.

“For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” ~ Isaiah 55:8-9 ~


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