His Jewels

“And they shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels;” ~ Malachi 3:17 ~

Earlier this month we held a dinner for our girls. We had two motives; We wanted to have a sort of goodbye dinner (seeing as we’ll be moving out of the dorm soon), with photos and gifts, and we also wanted to take the time to remind them that they are princesses, daughters of The King.


For worship we spoke about the process of taking a raw gemstone from the ground and transforming it into the beautiful jewels that we usually see. We then applied this story to them and their lives, and hope and pray that they remember how precious they are to God, and to continue to let Him cut and polish them into His beautiful image.

Laura and Emily, along with 3 new volunteers also joined us. The girls enjoyed the night. We only had one mishap. The room in which we were to have dinner, didn’t have any lights – a small, but needed detail I had overlooked. Luckily I had some candles, and when they were spread out all over the room it created quite a nicer atmosphere than I could have hoped for. There was also musical items. Some of the dorm girls had written their own songs especially for the event.

Here’s some pictures from the evening.

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We currently blessed to have 5 short-term volunteers – Claudia, Morgan, and Chorkin from the US; Jess from Australia; and Petrina has returned for a little bit. It’s good to see her again. They have been helping to cover classes, with the Christmas program preparation, music lessons, and reading with the students in Library class – all of which has been much appreciated.

After Christmas holidays (just three weeks to go till then!!) we will lose 4 of our volunteers as they move on to new missions. One couple will go to the Philippines to do the LIGHT course, and the other couple, Gemma’s parents, will go with Gemma and Hym to Hym’s hometown to start their mission down there. It will leave us short a Science teacher (any takers 🙂 ), but we wish them well as they continue to follow God’s leading.

Please keep us in your prayers, especially for the annual Christmas program that we hold at one of the hotels in town; that the message of the program will be clear, and that God will be glorified.
God’s blessings and grace be with you all.








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