Guitars and Bok Choy

We have one more week before camp-meeting. It’s all rather exciting. Plus we’ve had some new volunteers arrive. Some are here for a couple of months, some are here only a few weeks, but we are grateful for them all. Especially for Petrina, Vanessa and Miranda who have taken on some of the excess classes that we had. Petrina leaves soon and I may pick up her Grade 9 English class. We’ll see how that pans out.

God has been very good to me over the past three weeks. My classes have for the most part gone well. God has taught me new ways of looking at the students and understanding them and why they do what they do. He’s given me more patience and mercy – something I have lacked in the past. I now enjoy teaching more than I ever did before (ok well not the marking side but who really does!?!).

My last class on Friday is Grade 4 guitar. To say that I have control of that class would be a big fat lie. They are so cute… they can barely fit their hands around the guitar neck to make the chords. A couple of them really want to learn, and they try hard each of the two lessons a week that we have. Some need more one on one time – which with 16 or so students and one teacher, I just cannot do. And some really just like seeing how much noise they can make the guitar make – then when they tire of that they take to playing marbles, or kick-boxing, or any other game that is popular that day. Mainly I just try to protect the guitars (I once had a student trying to set a guitar on fire.. just because). I also try to make sure their games don’t get too rough. I also try to spend time with those who do want to learn (disclaimer – I am no expert guitar player!). But they are all great children.
Here’s some pictures of them that I took today (I took pictures to distract them from destroying the cafeteria chairs – it kind of worked :))

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Speaking of patience; we were hoping to be in our new house this Sunday, but it doesn’t look like it will be so. No problem, it will happen in due time. So speaking of houses, here’s some pictures of things of importance in my current house.

This is our shower. It doubles as an arm exercise machine, and the water even comes out warmer than if you had drawn it from a well – a bonus on some of the cold mornings and evenings we’ve been having here (it IS cold!). That said, having a well inside the house has been awesome – especially for privacy, but the floor of the house is almost always in some stage of wetness… which usually leads to tiny dirty footprints from the girls or critters. Our new house has an outside well.

This is my rice cooker. An excellent and well-used device that even has an inbuilt steamer – which I especially like to steam pumpkin in for breakfasts. Also shown is our kitchen. Our pots and pans hang on the wall, and our gas stove sits on our bench. Underneath the bench is all our other supplies.
Also pictured is my coconut oil – so many uses, from food preparation to skin and hair care. (also shows proof that it is cold – as you can see it has solidified 😛 ) Also Bok Choy – I live on the stuff, often eating it raw for breakfast as it is quick and easy to prepare and doesn’t hurt my stomach.

Here is our most recent addition, Juliet;

She’s about as big as my hand and not very pretty. She lives in the toilet room and is allowed to stay there because she eats cockroaches. So long as we can see her it’s all good.

We have two walls in the house that are covered with photographs. One is dedicated to students, the other to family. They are a testament of the last four years of my life here.

That’s it for now, but here’s a few last pictures of important things (not in order of importance) There’s our two dogs, Viathar and Kip. There’s Ely and I in front of our new home, and there’s a picture of me and one of my girls. Her name is Pheak. I don’t have favorites – If you asked me to choose just one girl to take somewhere it would be a very difficult decision; that said, Pheak is very special and I love her very much, and very much enjoy spending time with her.

May you all have a blessed Sabbath.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers and thoughts. Please pray for the camp-meeting, and for the IMET course that will begin in March or April, and also for the One month medical missionary training in Khmer program that will also be started here at WPY. Once again I must exhort you to listen to God’s voice and if He is calling you to a life of service, to say, “Here am I, Lord, send me!” You’ll never regret it!

“I will answer thee, that God is greater than man!” ~ Job 33:12 ~


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