Be Involved

Want to be involved in God’s work at Wat Preah Yesu?
Here are ways you can be!

  1. Prayer Partner
    “Prayer moves the arm of Omnipotence” ~ COL 173 ~ 
    To sign up for Tim’s newsletter – Prayer Journal, email him at
  2. Donate
    While we do not solicit funds, they are needed and welcome – contact Tim Maddocks for donating details
  3. Sponsor
    – A day student – USD 100/year
    – A boarding student – USD 400/year
    – A specific project – read the blog to learn about the different projects
    – A long-term volunteer missionary
  4. Volunteer
    Come and teach! People willing to teach are always needed and welcome. Contact us to find out more specific volunteer positions that are needed.
    What qualifications are needed?
    – A personal relationship with God
    – A desire to work for Him, and a love for the lost
    – A willingness to work where needed
    – A willingness to learn
  5. Raise Awareness
    Share this information with others so that they can know what God is doing here in Cambodia!

Contact Information

SALT Ministries, P.O. Box 93007, Siem Reap, Cambodia
Phone  –  (855) 12 804017 or (855) 12 734102
Email  –

Map to Wat Preah Yesu English



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