Butterfly Paradise

The Butterfly Paradise is the brainchild of Tim Maddocks. He hopes to build a butterfly sanctuary that not only serves as a tourist attraction to help make SALTMinistries more self-supporting, but also as a place where Cambodian Adventists can find work, and by using nature, and of course, butterflies, be a witness to the many who will come through the place about our Creator God.

Since July 2015 we have been talking about Butterfly Paradise; our new project to raise income to support the schools and orphanage as well as proclaim God as creator and provide professional work experience for our young people. This $400,000 project is moving ahead in faith. We have established a plant nursery which now has thousands of plants growing in preparation for landscaping Butterfly Paradise. Buildings are going up, ponds, paths and waterfalls are being built. The first four butterfly breeding cages are 3/4 completed. The food plants for the caterpillars are growing well. The next stage is to build the 2200 m2 cage which will be home to 4 waterfalls, streams, fish, tropical plants of all shapes and colours and of course a wide variety of different butterflies. Then there is the Vegan Cafe, 3D cinema, Educational centre, small animal house and souvenir shop. All this will be done, God willing, by December when we would like to open to the public. This project easily has the potential to fully support the orphanage, schools and TV studio as well as introduce tens of thousands of people each year to the God of Heaven as Creator. We are praising God for the progress so far.

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You can read Tim’s write-up about the Butterfly Paradise in his last newsletter here: Prayer Journal July 2014 (2)

Please pray for Tim, Wendy, and all the staff here as God continues to lead us in His will.

Read here for ways you can be involved in the Butterfly Paradise project, or any other aspect of God’s ministry here in Cambodia.


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