Prac Teachers and Plans

This time last year I was in Canada with my wonderful Canadian family. Time has really flown by!


We have school holidays this month, with the new school year commencing on the 5th of September. Here’s what happened over the last couple months of school.


After missing the 2014/2015 school year, prac teachers from Avondale College (MOTO Team) arrived late June for a three week prac. They took over almost all the classes. Working in pairs they not only gave us here a small reprive, but also showered our kids with much love and attention. As we were monitoring nearly all our classes, many of us KAS teachers were able to learn some new things that we could do to be more effective teachers.

We really enjoyed having them here. The KMET team cooked 3 meals a day for the 30 visitors, and their food was much appreciated. Grade 9 was also able to practice their cooking skills every Wednesday,  when for their home economics class they would take a turn preparing the meal for the prac team. They would also stay and eat with the Avondale teachers, and have a worship time afterwards.

Activity with Avondal teacher

Activity with Avondal teacher

Towards the end of their stay we could see that they were getting tired, but it didn’t dampen their enthusiasim one iota. As a gift to the teachers here at KAS they took us out to dinner at a local vegetarian restaurant. They also provided funds for the Grade 9 class to take their own trip to the same restaurant a week or so later.

The day they left was a sad one. The first class of the day was cancelled as the entire school gathered around the bus. There were many tears on both sides. My Grade 8 class was especially upset as they said goodby to Micaela and Bree, who had been their teachers for the past 3 weeks… in fact for them, the tears flowed for about a week more! I still have them coming and showing me pictures of themselves with their Avondale teachers.

I thank the Avondale teachers for the time they spent here and for loving the students here as much as I and the other staff do. We wish them God’s blessings and hope to see them again one day.


A high point for Ely and I during Avondale’s stay here was that we were able to take a three day trip down to Kompong Cham province and purchase our third horse for the HoofTrek program. God really guided and provided for us on that trip. You can read the story here.

Shiyra has proven to be a very gente, easy going horse that the children have become attached to very quickly. She is quite smart and is learning her lessons very quickly.



For nearly two months, one of our teenage boys from grade 6, David, was in hospital. He ended up there because of a medication reaction that peeled all the skin off his body. While in hospital he picked up a drug resistant bacteria, and for a while there it was touch and go. Prayer was being held for him all over the world, and while he is not yet back to full health, I am happy to report that he is now back at WPY, staying in the Jungle House with the KMET team taking care of him. Please keep him in your prayers, asking God for not only for phsyical healing, but also that David will come to know God as his Redeemer and Friend. David is quite skinny, and having trouble eating due to some lingering intestional problems.


On the 28th of July we had the Graduation Ceremony for Kantrok Adventist School. Littered throughout the program were musical items from some of our talented students. Our music teachers, Ely, Chiva and Niet have done a wonderful job with them. We thank God for the successful completion of another school year, and ask that He continues to bless and provide for us, that we all, students and staff, may be a light to the community.

Me with my top 3 students - Leang, Sun and Sophall

Me with my top 3 students – Leang, Sun and Sophall

What’s Next?

During these holidays I have been working with the horses, getting them ready for the HoofTrek program which will start in September when school commences. We praise God for this opportunity to use our love for horses this way, and ask you to pray that He will be glorified by the program. We will have two groups of 6 students for the first semester. They will come from our lower school special class. These students have one thing in common, and that is they aren’t doing very well academically. The reasons for this are varied, some have mental disabilities, and some have attitude problems. I am excited to see what God will do, and what He has to teach me.

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We will also be training 4 students in horsemanship after school on Mondays to Thursdays. They will learn everything that we can teach them… caring for the horses, riding the horses, training the horses, and even how to teach the HoofTrek classes.

Ely is currently in Australia. I miss her very much. I hadn’t quite realised just how much I’d miss her until I had to do everything alone…. we really do do almost everything together! She will be back at the end of August. Some of the orphans have been kind enough to help me with different jobs. Some cut grass for the horses, and Khim helps me prepare the evening meal for the horses by cutting up the banana tree.


When I look at world events,  it seems like ti e really can’t last much longer. But there is still so much to do, and so many people and whole people groups who haven’t heard the Good News. May God send labourers into the fields. My prayer is that all God’s children will catch a glimps of the bigger picture, and be fully surrendered to God for His purpose and glory, that He may come soon and put and end to sin, suffering and death forever.

“And now Lord, look at their threats, and grant to Your servants to speak Your word with all boldness, while You stretch forth Your hand to heal, and signs and wonders are performed through the name of Your Holy Servant, Jesus.” ~ Acts 4:29-30 ~


God is SO Good!

On the 5th of February, Ely and I took a trip down to Kompong Thom to buy our first horses. You can read that story here. It was a marvelous, faith building experience. God is so good!

Since then we have been so busy!. Owning a horse here is a lot more work than owning one in Australia. Our days are full with teaching and horse care. There’s grass to be cut, banana tree to be cut, paddocks to be watered and many other things to do.

Still, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love having horses again. I love teaching the children how to behave and handle the horses. I would like some time to write my exams for all my classes, so please pray that we find some rice hay to buy, so that we don’t have to cut grass quite so often, which will free up some time to devote to exam writing.

It’s quite exciting to finally see HoofTrek become a reality, and we can’t wait to see where God will lead the program.

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On our trip to Kompong Thom, we stayed with Gemma and her husband Hym, who along with her parents have started a ministry in that area. They have been there for about a year now. They’ve built a house, planted gardens and are now trying to expand their gardens so they can be self-sufficient. It’s a lot of work clearing the land and setting up a working irrigation system, all down by hand or with a hand-operated tractor.

Nevertheless, they have been a bright light in that area for Jesus. Their property is located away from the village, and this has led the locals to wander over for a visit and ask them why they aren’t afraid to live alone out here. The locals are also curious about many other things, such as, “Why is the bathroom and kitchen inside?” and “Why is the baby wearing clothes?” All these encounters have given them a chance to witness for Jesus to their neighbours and to Hym’s family.

When I visited I felt God’s presence there. It was a joy to be there, away from the city, where I could actually see the stars and hear only the sounds of nature. The motto they have is taken from Philippians 4:6, and they summarize it thus:
‘Worry about nothing; Pray about everything.

And I think that is great advice for everyone. After all, can worrying change anything? Not at all! But prayer to the One who loves you the most connects you with the power of the Infinite, and nothing is impossible for Him. It is also a lesson that God has been teaching to me. That of trusting Him completely with everything I have and am. It is a totally amazing experience that has to be experienced to be fully understood, and I encourage everyone to live by faith – just give it a go. You will be overwhelmed with how good God is!

Please keep Gemma, Hym, their son Hyden and Gemma’s parents, Lesley and Dana and their ministry in your prayers. God is doing great things in the world right now, believe it!

God bless

2016 Update

This school year, (started – Sep 2015) has been quite enjoyable for me. Admittedly, I did miss September as I was in Canada. I also missed most of January because I was visiting my Mum for Christmas for the first time in 5 years. It was a wonderful time. I got to visit a part of Australia that I’ve never been to before, attend a thought-provoking Camp-meeting and make many wonderful new friends.

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This school year I am not teaching any English language classes. We have two Khmer teachers who graduated from the University in Thailand with ESL degrees; they are covering the high school English classes. I am teaching Grade 8 Bible, Geography 7, 8, 9 & 10, and am also joint Librarian to cover half of the library classes.

We do not have as many volunteers for the school this year, and the main English volunteers are Ely, Anna, Rose Jean and myself. We are blessed that some of the IMET volunteers are willing to take some of the classes which we cannot cover. This keeps us all rather busy, but we thank God for the opportunity to serve, and the strength with which He sustains us. I must put out a call. If anyone would like to have an unforgettable experience, then please come and spend some time here in Cambodia with us as a volunteer!

We very much miss Emily and Laura, who both have returned to the US for various, legitimate reasons. It is nice to know however that there are people back in the Western world that have the same care and understanding of WPY, the children, and the work here.


In our hearts and on our shelf!!

The little house that Ely, Anna and I live in has had a bit of a renovation and now has proper inside walls which have been painted a rather bright yellow color. It took a bit of getting used to, but it has started to grow on me. I thinking we need a happy name for our house. Tim also had a bathroom built onto the back of the house so that we could have a bit more privacy when bathing, and no longer have to make the trek down to the communal bathroom.
While I was away, Ely planted some papaya and banana trees. We hope to plant as many fruit trees there as we can fit in our small yard. We’re also trying to start a herb garden.

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At the moment, besides school, every spare moment is almost completely taken up with HoofTrek. We are in the process of finishing our fences and getting our water pump installed so that we can be ready to welcome the horses and begin training them. We hope to start the program after April holidays at the latest.

HoofTrek was at a point where we were thinking that we were wrong and that it wouldn’t go ahead, but just as we surrendered it all, God provided abundant blessings that have enabled us to move forward a lot quicker than we ever expected. Please keep the program in your prayers. It has the potential to minister to many children and youth in this area.

We have a new addition to our family – meet Hadassah. The smartest little pup I have ever met.

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There are always the normal challenges that come with teaching and with children in general. I continue to ask you to hold the students and staff here up in prayer. Satan gets very angry when his kingdom is threatened with the loss of members to the Kingdom of God.

The KMET (Khmer Medical Evangelistic Training) team have been working on a Khmer Vegetarian cookbook. It’s in the final stages of production and just in time because ADRA is bringing the CHIP program to Cambodia. Not only is the book full of great recipes in Khmer it also comes with a DVD that has all the recipes covered in a series of cooking shows done here at the SALTCAM TV Studio.

The first IMET class is in full swing. They are nearly half-way through the course and have learned many new useful skills that will equip them for sharing Jesus wherever they go. The next IMET course will start in August or September of this year. There are spots available for anyone interested in becoming a medical evangelist missionary.

Once again I give God glory for all He has done for, in and through me these last couple of months. I am daily being reminded of how much He loves me, and I hope that you too will today realize once again just how valuable you are to the King of the Universe.

“But God, who is rich in mercy, for His great love wherewith He loved us, Even when we were dead in sins, hath quickened us together with Christ, (by grace ye are saved;) And hath raised us up together, and made us sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus: That in the ages to come He might shew the exceeding riches of His grace in His kindness toward us through Christ Jesus. For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God.”
~ Ephesians 2:4-8 ~

Semester 2

“I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” ~ Psalms 37:25 ~

Exams are finished, and all marking is done. Semester Two has officially begun, and I’m going to do things better this semester. I’ve set up my teaching system better and have been doing actual recorded-in-a-findable-place class planning (as opposed to a jot-down-some-ideas-on-a-random-piece-of-paper class planning style). I’m liking it, and I know it will make exam time much easier… but finding I’m giving more worksheets than before (not a bad thing, but I’m also marking them.. and I have over 90 students so it takes forever!).

Today I had the opportunity to talk with one of my Gr. 8 students about the process of sanctification. It’s these moments that I teach for.


We have had a few students from Gr. 7 and Gr. 9 leave us. Some changed schools, and others returned to their homeland. We miss them, and pray that God blesses them and continues to guide them. We also said goodbye to Claudia, who headed back to the US after spending a few months here teaching. We miss her and know that God will continue to use her to bless others wherever she goes.


I did pick up Grade 9 English, and I am finding them a slightly distracted, but enjoyable class. I only teach them in the afternoons, when it is hot and they are tired. I am having to use all my limited creativity skills in keeping them interested and interactive. But it’s great to have a chance to teach a higher level of English, and be able to do some more critical thinking activities.

KMET (Khmer Medical Evangelism Training) began on the 2nd of March, it will last for 3 or so weeks. There are ten or so students of varying ages from all over Cambodia. We pray that the program will be a blessing to them, and they in turn will use the skills they learn to be a blessing back in their homes. The Khmer students who returned from PAFCOE and LIGHT are teaching the course. It is a big step for them, and they are doing a wonderful job. The other new project, IMET (International Medical Evangelism Training), will begin on May 1st (I think). It is a 10 month course, and we are eager to see it begin.


Ely and I have been working on the paddocks for HoofTrek, clearing them of sticks and debris and working on getting the ground flat and grass growing – a challenge in dry season! We very much enjoy living in our little house, and I am thrilled that we’ve managed to block up all escape routes and our dogs now stay inside the fence. But being that we’re quite busy with teaching that is all going rather slowly for now, although we do praise and thank God for a recent donation from Australia towards the HoofTrek program.


Ely will be visiting Australia in April, and will be at Easter Camp 2015 held in Perth this April. Hopefully she will be able to share with our fellow church members there about mission work in Cambodia, and hopefully encourage others to get involved.


Here are two small, not overly huge things, that God has done in my life… (well they mean a lot to me)

Firstly, just after we moved into our new place, at school one day, I lost my keys. I looked everywhere for them: in my bags, my classrooms, the staffroom. I couldn’t find them anywhere, and I was so disappointed with myself for losing my keys. We’d have to buy all new locks for the house and gates and so on. Well Ely and I prayed about it and went to look one more time. We entered the staffroom again, and I was rummaging through the key box hoping someone had put them in there, when something prompted me to ‘look down’. So I did and there, right under the desk, hanging on the edge of an empty box was my keys. I have no idea how they got there, as if I had dropped them or they had fallen off the desk they would have hit the floor not gotten stuck on the box which was pushed under a ways. I know keys are just little things, but I am so glad that the angels put the keys there and helped me to find them.

Secondly, three or so years ago, I ‘lent’ some money to a struggling Khmer family. I say ‘lent’, but I didn’t expect to ever receive it back, and honestly I forgot completely about the event. Well, just yesterday, I was reviewing my financial situation, and stressing a little bit. I was wondering how God was going to provide when I couldn’t see a way. But that afternoon, the family approached me and started talking to me, at first I thought they wanted to borrow money, but after a bit I was made to understand that they were returning the money I had lent them. I was shocked, and ashamed of doubting God. It was like He was saying, “O ye of little faith!” to me. I remembered the quote from EGW, “Our heavenly Father has a thousand ways to provide for us of which we know nothing. Those who accept the one principle of making the service of God supreme, will find perplexities vanish, and a plain path before their feet.” –The Ministry of Healing, p. 481. (1905) 
I immediately confessed my doubt and lack of faith to God and I give thanks and praise Him for being so gentle and merciful to me. I only hope that I can show the same grace, gentleness and mercy to my students in the different situations I face with them.


Prayer Journal Nov 2014

Tim’s latest Prayer Journal.

Prayer Journal November 2014

He and Wendy are currently in Australia having a well-earned rest until the 14th.
Thank you for keeping them, Wat Preah Yesu, and Cambodia in your prayers.


End of School Year Update

I have been slow to get this post written, but better late than never.

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After three intense days of exams, a couple of days for marking we were all finished, and ready for the graduation ceremony. Emily and Thomas, along with some of the Khmer staff spent a long time preparing the cafeteria for the graduation. This was the biggest graduation program that we’d ever had. Every grade had a musical item to perform that was spread out throughout the certificate giving. I was very proud of all the students. One of them, a grade 7 student, played the song Ten Thousand Reasons on the piano, and he did an excellent job.

I was actually coming down with the flu on graduation day and consequently was not able to attend any of the activities for the next three days. Which was a pity, because the day after graduation was the wedding of two of our grade 12 graduates, Nimol and Yan. During these holidays, Nimol has been working in the studio, and in the future they will go and teach at a new school that Tim is starting up at the village of Tani which is located about an hour away from Siem Reap City.

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The day after the wedding, was the engagement of two more of our grade 12 graduates, Ty and Laihun. Both of whom have now gone to study at LIGHT in the Philippines. There was one more event the following Sunday, which was the engagement of Sokha (grade 12 graduate) and Srey Leak (student). I remember teaching all these students when I first came and I feel privileged to be able to witness these new milestones in their life.

We actually had quite a crew who went to the Philippines to study at either PAFCOE or LIGHT. Gemma, and her husband Hym, Tony (our NZ volunteer mechanic teacher), Khone (former student), Sreiya (student) and Chhorvy (former student and LIGHT graduate) are all studying at PAFCOE. Graduates Lin, Sarai, Ty, and Laihun, along with Thomas (German volunteer teacher) are all studying at LIGHT. We had a couple of days of goodbyes as we sent the students, and some staff off to the Philippines to study.

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Then staff started leaving – either for a holiday at home before they return for next year, or for good. We said goodbye to Dustin and Caitlin, as they moved on to new missions. I am so thankful for their time here. They were so dedicated, loving and kind. The students loved them and learnt so much from them. We also said goodbye to Thomas, who is going to study at LIGHT in the Philippines before returning home to Germany. Lastly we said goodbye to Donna and Francis who have returned home to the Philippines to rest up before they go on to new mission fields. One of our grade 12 graduates, David, left to go to the North East part of Cambodia to help teach English at another mission project headed up by some lovely missionaries from America.

One sad note was that the man in the village with the ulcerated leg died suddenly of a suspected heart attack early one morning last week. The Friday before, Wendy had been telling me how he had been reading the Bible and was really impressed with the story of Job, and how Job said he would trust and worship God even if things remained bad. He said that he too believed in and trusted God, even if his leg never healed. I am sad for his family, but glad for the experience that he had with God. We are praying for his family that they will come to trust in God too and be able to be reunited with their father on that great resurrection morning when Jesus returns to take His children home.

Then ASI Asia happened. Tim and Wendy and the SALTCAM Media crew were working very hard doing the recording and transporting of many of the people who came. I was privileged to help out. I was blessed by the sermons and presentations that I was able to listen to. The testimonies of Sebastian Braxton, Robert Costa, and Herb Larson were especially inspiring. I met so many wonderful people, and heard so many stories of missions, miracles and challenges from other parts of Asia. With ASI over, many of that group were staying on for the Self Supporting Ministries Conference, which will last for the next couple of days. At this conference different ministries will come together, network and discuss mission work in Asia. They will see where there is lack, where there is overlap, as well as learn and get new ideas from each other. It is a very encouraging, uplifting time for the different representatives of these missions.

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I also just realized that it has been almost a year since I began this blog. A big thank you to all those who have read, prayed, supported me and the ministry here in Cambodia. I’m very thankful and keep you all in my prayers. Please keep praying for us, for Tim and Wendy who run SALT, and the students here. Also that God alone be glorified in this place, and in our lives.

God’s blessings be upon you all.


Evangelism Update

“Ye are the salt of the earth.” ~ Matthew 5:13 ~

Here is Tim’s write up of the Preah Vihear Evangelism program that was held last month. Be blessed and encouraged as you read.

Prayer Journal May 2014

Please keep the 12 people who requested baptism, and the Bible worker who will be working with them, Sros, in your prayers. We thank you all very much for your thoughts and prayers during this time. May the Good News of God continue to work in the hearts and minds of all those who came into contact with it during this time.

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Preah Vihear Health Expo and Children’s Program

Here are some recent photos and Tim’s update from the Preah Vihear Evangelism.

“God has a harvest to be reaped right now here in Preah Vihear City. He has opened the way for us through fm radio to reach much of the province for two hours a day. Yesterday afternoon’s Health Expo had 64 people go through the 8 health stations. Our young people amazed me as they confidently lead these people through the eight laws of health. It was amazing to see these people attentively listening as they spent more than an hour going through the 8 health stations. A children’s program was running a short distance from the health expo with 44 children joining in. Today the health expo will run for the full day. Please pray for this harvest to be fully gathered in.”  ~ Tim Maddocks ~

They experienced a rain storm the other night. Some of their belongings were damaged. Tim came back yesterday with the truck to get more supplies. Sadly, he came back to sad news; the mother of some of our students had died early that afternoon. Khen (gr 11), Sa (gr 8), Khone (graduated), and the youngest Srey Pov are the children. Khen was at the evangelism, and Khone was studying in The Philippines at LIGHT. Khone made it back just in time to say goodbye. Please pray for them in their time of sorrow.

“But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him. For this we say unto you by the word of the Lord, that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep. For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. Wherefore comfort one another with these words.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 ~

Prayer Requests

I beg leave to bring before you some prayer requests that are especially pressing at this time.  Before I mention them, I want to praise God for His continued providence, His patience, His leading, guiding and teaching of each one of us here.

I want to praise Him for Dustin and Caitlin, a couple from America who have come to volunteer for a year. Dustin is a pastor and his spiritual influence on the students and us in the short time he has been here has been a real blessing. Caitlin is kind, dedicated, and hard-working and has been a great blessing too. In fact, all the volunteer staff are a blessing to me and the students.

I also want to thank God for Gemma and Hym, who were married nearly two weeks ago. God has led them to this point and it is their desire to serve Him here in Kompong Thom, Cambodia once they return from PAFCOE training in the Philippines. It is a blessing to see two people join their lives for the purpose of serving and glorifying God.

I also thank Him for each of you who lift us up in prayer. I thank Him for the privilege of prayer and that prayer brings us up to God. May God continue to bless and guide each of us into a deeper relationship with Him.

  1. 1.      Khen’s Mother – sick, maybe with liver cancer brought on by possible Hepatitis C . She has been rejected by the hospitals here and her family won’t let us treat her yet, and are trying traditional Khmer healer (a witch doctor) first for three days in which we are not allowed to do anything, and Khen is not even allowed to touch her mother (the witch doctor said that Khen is the one causing her mother’s sickness).
  • Pray that the witch doctor’s ceremonies will have no effect on her
  • Pray that she will maintain her belief in God and His power
  • Pray for her family, that they will trust our medical staff to help her
  • Pray for Khen, that she can have peace, and wisdom in this situation.
  • Pray for our medical staff and students who will treat her, may they have wisdom to know what to do to promote physical and most importantly, spiritual healing.
  1. 2.      Vong – Hym’s brother-in-law – Was cursed by a neighbor and now suffers from demon possession/control. Whenever he hears the name of God he suffers violent shaking fits. Also, the spirits control where he goes and what he does – for example he was going somewhere on the motorbike, and the spirits did not want him to go there, so they caused the motorbike to stop working, it would only work when he turned around to go back. People like this are considered “Holy Men” by the Khmer, and much honor is paid to them. But recently he has expressed a desire to be free from their control.
  • Pray that he will have faith in God to set him free, and that God does set him free
  • Pray for his wife and children, that they will understand and come to know God too
  • Pray for Vong’s Buddhist family and family-in-law, that they will not hinder his desire to be free from the spirits control
  • Pray for Gemma and Hym and Gemma’s parents as they continue to minister to Vong and Hym’s family to teach them about the God of heaven who has all power.
  1. 3.      Ming Bo – Sok’s mum – She suffers from a number of internal problems including very bad ulcers and bladder/urinary tract infections. She is a Christian and wants to attend church, but her husband has left the church.
  • Pray for her healing – physical and spiritual
  • Pray for spiritual healing for her family
  • Pray for her son Sok, as he takes care of her and continues his studies
  1. 4.      Nget – A village man who has had a massive ulcer wound on his leg for the past 10 years. Wendy began treating him about a year ago. The wound is healing slowly, the recent hot, humid weather has slowed things down a bit. He attends church every week when physically able to, but his wife and children do not – she works, and they are in school.
  • Pray for his physical healing and that he will continue to grow in his relationship with God
  • Pray for his wife, that she too may come to know and trust in God and join her husband in worship
  1. 5.      Gr 11 & 12 and their upcoming evangelistic program (May 2014)
  • Pray that they feel the need to prepare spiritually for this task, and make an effort to deepen their relationship with Him.
  • Pray that the people they go to witness to will have hearts softened and opened by the Holy Spirit.
  • Pray for the volunteers and staff who are teaching the students and who will also be attending the evangelistic program.
  1. 6.      I’d like to ask for special prayer for our current Grade Eights. There are some special challenges with this class, especially for me teaching them. Please pray that the teachers may have wisdom, patience, guidance and love for this class, and for the students that their hearts may be opened to God’s love and grace.

Finally, please pray that in all these situations that God’s will be done so that He is glorified, and for each of the volunteers here, that the love of God will shine through each of us as a mighty witness for Him.